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Hey Kids! Have fun learning and coloring on our activity page. Find Facts About Rabies (PDF), adopting a pet, and quiz yourself with a fun informational Coloring Book.

Coloring Books

Lost Pets

If you lost your pet you can visit the Pet Harbor website. All Brownsville Animal Regulation and Care Center animals will be on this website.

If you do not see your pet on Pet Harbor, please email us with a picture of your pet and your contact information. We will be happy to post the picture up on our Lost and Found board.

Pet Care

Find information on pet care on the PBS Kids website.
Learn how to Care for Your Pet (PDF).
  1. Bringing Home Your Pet

    Check out helpful tips on how to prepare for a new pet. These tips include food, shelter, and training.

  2. Get Your House Ready for a New Pet

    Learn what steps should be taken to prepare a new pet for your home. Some of these steps include inspecting your yard, looking out for any poisons that could harm your pet, and keeping things out of reach.

  3. Pet Don'ts

    Find out what not to do with your pets including not leaving a pet alone in a hot car, keeping medication out of reach, and other harmful things.